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Delivering excellent Party entertaiment for children with Ponies! 


Imagine your childs face when the mystery guest turns up at their birthday party - its PRICELESS! Those special moments that money cannot buy - we can make you child's precious day one to remember at your home or a party venue!!!
With over 20 years experience with horses, showing & competing at the highest levels including Horse of the Year Show - you will not be dissappointed of our presence and we can be sure of a safe, fun filled party.





Our Pony Party idea was encouraged by our own children & their friends - who have endless fun with their gorgeous, child loving ponies. Although they have fun with them every day they still want a pony party EVERY year. We established in 2008 and have been going strong ever since!

We can offer a fun packed party of non stop entertainment with the ponies - all you have to do is put your feet up, get the cameras out and watch the children enjoy the unique opportunity of having a four legged friend to groom, ride, dress up and cover in bows! We have princess unicorn to funky cowboy themes!

We supply safety riding hats in all sizes and have a quick safety talk before we begin playing with the pony! Every child can be given a certificate & the pony can be themed to your preference - unicorns, cowboys, indians, show pony, princess pink, multi coloured........or just simply a pony!
Included in every package is the grooming & make up items - the children love playing with the ponies, plaiting their hair & decorating them!.

We offer a confidential service and never disclose any personal information to press for high profile customers


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If you have any questions feel free to call or email us we also offer ponies to events such as weddings, promotional, Film & advertising.